October surftrip Bretagne

Surftrip for intermediate and advanced surfers
For intermediate to expert surfers, October is a great time to go on a surftrip in Bretagne. The hurricane season has started so the swells are rolling in.

September till November there is always a lot of choice from different types of surf spots. Reefs, beach breaks, lefts and rights, it all works well and you usually surf empty line ups so you can catch a lot of waves.

The great thing is that Alex knows all the spots in the region and can tell you exactly where and when to go surfing. You won’t have to check all the spots yourself and loose a lot of time searching. During the breakfast with delicious fresh French bread you will be told exactly what time you can get into the water

Surfhouse Bretagne
All rooms have single beds so you do not have to lie in bed with your surf buddy.

In the spacious kitchen everyone can prepare their own lunch and dinner. But if you prefer to enjoy the luxury of a restaurant, you can walk through the woods in 5 minutes to the harbor village of Audierne where you will find several different restaurants.

Fancy a surf trip in October?
Send us an email (in Dutch if you prefer) for questions and reservations:

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