Spotguiding Bretagne

Bretagne has so many different kind of surfspots to choose from that it’s very hard to find the perfect spot each day of your surftrip. Local knowlegde is so important to make it a perfect surftrip.

Spotguiding Bretagne
That’s why Surf House Bretagne offers the spotguiding every morning during breakfast. Alex knows all the spots in the region. Regarding wind, swell, tide and your level of surfing, he will explain you where and when to go surfing during the day. Spots might change during a storm and work differently after. But that’s why local knowledge is good because we visit the spots frequently.

Surfspot Bretagne
Within a drive of 25 minutes we have over 25 spots to choose from. They all have a different posititions toward the wind and swell. Our every day goal is to find empty line ups with good waves.

You won’t have to drive all around the coast to make a surfcheck. So you will have more time left to enjoy your surftrip and do other activities besides surfing. If you like to play tennis or ride your bicycle, bring your materials and Alex might join you for a play or a ride.

Surftrip Bretagne
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