Surf & Work in Bretagne

Surf and Work with the surfguiding of Alex.
Surf House Bretagne is a perfect location for entrepreneurs who can easily work from home and who like to go on a surftrip. Because of the surfguiding we offer you won’t waste any time.

Surfguiding Bretagne
Every morning we serve you a good breakfast with fresh french bread and as much coffee as you need. During breakfast Alex will explain you where and when to go surfing that day depending of the swell, wind, tide and you’re surfing level.

In Bretagne we really depend on the tides to go surfing. This means sometimes it will be best in the morning, other days in the afternoon or even a nice sunset session at the end of the day. The time when there’s no surf you can use to work. Alex will tell you every morning when it’s time to surf and when you should better stay at home to work. You won’t loose time by checking every spot yourself and you’ll make the best out of your surftrip.

Work during your surftrip in Bretagne 
The surfhouse has a large kitchen table to work at, and the livingroom is a easy hangout for a brainstorm session with the other guests after surf. In your private room you can work more quietly.

Surfing makes your mind empty to focus on new ideas and you’ll get more energy to work!

Ofcourse we can also tell you where are the best restaurants, bars and everything else what to do in our region.

Surfhouse Bretagne
If you want more information about a stay at Surfhouse Bretagne, please send an email to

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