Surf empty line-ups

Surfing empty line-ups is a pleasure which is more and more hard to find within Europe. But we can still show you the way to the best uncrowded spots to surf.

For beginners and intermediate surfers it’s really good to surf as many waves as possible to progress faster on your take off and surfing. But also advanced surfers will enjoy to catch wave after wave. No battles in the water because we’re all alone.

Surf Guide Bretagne
Alex will be your surf guide in Bretagne. He knows all the spots in our region and he will tell you where to go at what time. Depending of the swell, wind, tide and your surf level he will choose where to go. We have loads of spots to choose from. And our goal is always to find the best empty line-up.

Surf House Bretagne
The commun kitchen, living room and large garden are a real meeting point to talk about the surf of the day while having a drink or meal together with the other guests. We’re not a surfhostel so you will have your private room to sleep.

Contact Surf House Bretagne
for more information and reservations.

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