Surf in Brittany

Surf in Brittany

surfhouse bretagne, surfhouse finistere, surfcamp bretagneSurf in Brittany France
Whether you’re just beginning, an intermediate or expert surfer, Brittany (Bretagne) is the place to be for real surfing spirit and easy surf holidays in France. There are many different kinds of beaches and surf spots in Brittany. So even though it’s the Atlantic Ocean, it’s always easy to find surf spots in Brittany for all levels of surfing. From beach breaks to reef breaks and from small easy waves progressing with your level of surfing to some of the most perfect waves you’ve ever seen.

If it’s quiet surfing you want, to be all alone in the water, just you and your friends, you have to come to Brittany, France and especially to the region of Finistère. Plouhinec is located in the middle of the Bay of Audierne in the south of Finistère in Brittany. In the Bay you’ll find over 20 surfspots, all kinds of surf spots for every level of surfing, within 30km. Alex offers you the surfguiding, since he knows all the surfspots in our region.

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There are several rivers which end up in the ocean and offer lots of possibilities to make a tour on a Stand Up Paddle board. Even for beginning surfers this is a fun way to experience the surf.


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Activities after surf
Brittany in France is well-known for its culture (medieval villages like Pont-Croix) and menhirs (large upright stones know from Asterix and Obelix), nature (rough coastal lines), food and drink (fresh fish, crêpes and cidre) and besides surfing there are many other activities you can do; for example biking, blowcarting, SUP, motor tours, horse riding, and a visit to the zoo. Surf House Brittany is in the middle of all of this. Check out this movie about Brittany!

surfholiday francePlouhinec is located in the north of the Bay of Audierne. Down to the south up to La Torche you’ll find large sand beaches behind the dunes and the typical Breton “galets”. Up to the north towards Audierne, there are many small beaches and bays where dolphins and fogs are swimming around. Rough cliffs like you only find them in Brittany. On the most far west point there’s the impressive “Pointe du Raz” to visit.

Starting in mai 2016 we propose yoga lessons at Surf House Brittany. For more information check out the page of Surf & Yoga under Yoga.

Wanna Play some tennis? No problem, we got access card to the fields and we got some raquettes, a good way to accomplish your sport week! Bring some tennis shoes and a sporting outfit with you. For more information ask Alex