What offers Surfhouse Bretagne?

Besides that it’s just really fun, there are a few good reasons why you should choose to go on a surfholiday in a surfhouse.

Local knowledge
If you go surfing in a region you don’t know it’s always good to have local knowledge of the surfspots. Brittany (Bretagne) has so many surfspots to choose from, but you will enjoy them more if you have to right information.

We’re really depending of the tide for almost all the spots. Some spots will work better with low tide, others with high tide or in between tide and some might work all day long.
Beside the tides you need to check the incoming swell and it’s direction and size.
Then there’s the wind which will influence the surf. Is it off-shore or on-shore?

And ofcourse you need to keep your level in mind to choose the right spot. As a beginner you don’t want to end up in big waves and as a intermediate/experienced surfer you might want to have something more challenge to surf.

Don’t be surprised to see spots work differently one year to an other. Sandbanks can move during the big winter storms and they can change the surf.

Alex knows every spot in the region and he can tell you exactly where and when to go surfing every day. He will check all elements mentioned above to give you the best daily advise. This way you won’t have to drive along the coast yourself to check every spot and find the best waves. During breakfast he will tell you where to go at what time.

Thanks to the surfguiding you can optimise your holiday to do other activities besides surfing if you like.

Almost all of our guests come to surf. There might be a difference of level, but for sure you will find others to go surfing in our surfhouse.

Even if you come to a new region with surfspots you don’t know, you will feel more save in the water because you’re not alone and Alex will explain how the spots work.

After surf there’s always time for a drink, meal or chat with the other guests. You meet people from different countries and make new friends!

You can use our (beginners) boards and wetsuits for free. So when you’re a beginner you won’t have to spend a lot of money to start surfing.

When you’re motivated to continu you can buy you’re own wetsuit, which for sure feels much better.

And once you start to have an intermediate level maybe you want to put some money in a board.

So little by little you can save for your own gear.

Surftrip Surfhouse Bretagne
We’re happy to welcome you at our surfhouse in Bretagne and show you the best spots to go surfing.

Send us an email at for reservations and questions!
We speak French, English, Dutch and a bit of German.

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