Surflessons with the Soul Surfin Skol
Whether you’re a complete beginner and don’t know anything about surfing, or if you just want to improve your surfing skills, we can offer you surf lessons to suit your level.  For this the Surf House Bretagne works together with the experienced local Soul Surfing Skol.

Julien will be your experienced and qualified surf instructor. He will be teaching in small groups to be able to give lots of attention to everyone. Julien is surfing for more than 20 years and he has over 15 years of teaching experience. Lessons are in English.

The Soul Surfing Skol will be teaching on the beaches of Plouhinec and Plovan every day from April until October. They offer a few formules: an introduction day, a weekly course and a weekend course. After some theory on the beach, you’ll go into the water. Fun, safety and respect for nature are paramount.

The first lesson we’ll show you the way to the beach, the other days you have to go there yourself.

Wetsuits and boards are included with the lessons.

Ask us for the prices of the surf lessons and rental materials. You’ll pay the lessons directly to the instructor.


Surf materials at Surf House Brittany
If you don’t have your own surfing materials or you’re not able to bring them then it’s not a problem as we have a few surf and body boards and wetsuits for free use. Keep in mind you’ll have to take it to the beach by yourself. Alex can tell you which surf spot you can go to surf by yourself.

We also have some tennis rackets for who would like play some tennis on the local court. It’s also good biking here in the regio, mtb in the forest or racingbike on the road. So bring your bicycle if you like.