Surftrip for intermediate surfers

If you are an intermediate surfer you should for sure come to Bretagne for a surftrip.
You know how to catch green waves and you want to improve your surfing?
But you don’t know how to read the swell forecast?
And maybe you like to go surfing with others of your level so you feel more secure?
We can offer all of this at our surfhouse!

Spotguiding Bretagne 
In the morning you will have breakfast with Alex and he can tell you where and when to go surfing during the day. He will check the forecast for you! Depending of the swell, wind, tide and your level of surfing, he will tell you where to go. There are so many spots to choose from that you might surf a different spot every day. Discovering new spots will also improve your surf.

Empty line ups
Because it’s still really uncrowded in the water in our region, you can catch a lot waves so you will really progress your surfing. And since all of our guests come to surf you will often go all together so you won’t be alone in the water.

Surfhouse Bretagne
After surfing you can chill in the hammocs in the garden. Have a meal or drink with the other guests at the large terrace of the surfhouse. The surfhouse is right next to a small forest where you can have a morning run. And in a 5 minute walk you go to Audierne, a cosy harbour village where you will find some shops, restaurants, markets and bars.

When to surf in Bretagne
You got interested in a holiday at our surfhouse? But not sure which time of the year would be best for you? Check out this page about the different conditions during the year.

Surftrip Bretagne for more information and reservations.

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