Surftrip France Brittany

Planning a surftrip in France? Don’t forget to pass in Brittany (Bretagne).
There are lots of differt kinds of surf spots in Brittany France (beachbreaks, reefbreaks, pointbreaks) for surfers of all levels there are waves to find. Because this surfparadise in Brittany is still unknown with the majority of surfers, you’re often alone in the water while there are perfect waves to catch. Besides surfing, Brittany has a rich celtic culture to offer and lots of nature to visit.

Come to Surf House Brittany if you want to pass you’re surftrip in Brittany in a comfortable way. This surf accommodation offers large rooms with comfortable single beds. The large kitchen/dinnertable and living room are the meeting place of the surf house.

For only € 35,- by persons per night including breakfast you can stay in Surf House Brittany. We can help you to plan the rest of your surftrip in Brittany.

For more info and reservation send us a mail at:


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